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Infrastrata's expert Paul Foster writes to us:

· The siting of facilities would be adjacent to the well at California Quarry and any pipeline construction would all be subject to a further planning application and consultation process should commercially extractable hydrocarbons be encountered.

· All the machinery for the site will be brought in by road, using the same route as for Suttle’s Quarry vehicles. The amount of traffic generated by the project varies according to the phase of the project as is summarised below:

Site Construction- about 10 vehicles in total;
Mobilisation of drilling rig- maximum 7 days of deliveries, spaced to avoid congestion on roads and site;
Drilling the borehole - up to 10 weeks drilling with 2 or 3 lorries per day after the initial setting up;
De-mobilisation of the drilling rig – as for mobilisation;
Testing (if undertaken) - Initial set up of about 10 HGV, then 1/2 per week;
Suspension of the well prior to either reinstatement or submission of a further planning application – no traffic.

Traffic will be closely managed by the Company to ensure that disruption to residents is minimised.

Paul Foster

Here is our new email to him:

Hello Paul,

How come the figures for traffic in the planning application are different from those in your reply? What are the correct figures and how accurate are they, eg. percentage wise?

Paul's reply:

On traffic movements, the figures given in the Traffic Assessment report are correct and have not changed.  The numbers given in my reply to Tina were a summary of traffic movements during the different phases of the project.

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