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The Umbrella - an award winning film poem about the power of faith

I'd love to hear your interpretations of my abstract piece of cinematic poetry made in London in 1986. You are very welcome to write your comment in the box below after having watched the film. Thank you.

The Umbrella (28 min short fiction) - Filmfestival in Huy, Belgium (Palm d'Argent, Prix de l'Office du Tourisme), Filmfestival Wattrelos, France (Medaille d'Or), Independent Film Festival Cork, Ireland (Best European Film).

The Umbrella was accomplished by a joint venture between individuals, enterprises and organisations who all volunteered, I suppose, because they loved making films and liked my manuscript. When I screened The Umbrella in Cinemas around Europe in the eighties, I received many different reactions ranging from sheer excitement and admiration to tears and quiet reflections on death! I love this film so much, because I never stop seeing new meanings every time I watch it.

Some scenes in the film were invented by the cast and crew and I love seeing how our great teamwork created this film around shared ideas - ideas that I now see many more people share around the globe. Ideas like.... well, you tell me.

Here below you see me editing The Umbrella in a 16mm Steenbeck editing table.

Kind regards

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Dick: Bart Peel
Verity: Ruth Vaughn
The old man: James Ramsey

Writer, director, film editor, song writer: Elizabeth Thomsen
Cinematographer: Jasper Fforde
Music: Patric Secq
Producers: Elizabeth Thomsen, John Forrest
Sponsors: London Fire Brigade, London Transport, Samuelson's Film Services, John Wood Sound Studios, Danish Film Workshop

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